You arrive home after the excitement and drama of giving birth. Then you find YOU are responsible for this precious, helpless, demanding little creature. You have become a working mother, with all the responsibilities that entails.

And life takes over!

Somehow, those sweet, gentle moments when your baby and you relax together in perfect peace and harmony rarely seem to happen.

You feel under constant pressure. Other family members need caressing — and even noticing! You have to spread your love around.

And while your love is undoubtedly limitless, your body and brain are emphatically telling you that their resources are not.

The problem is that you are exhausted.

Emotionally, hormonally and physically exhausted.

There are all those practical things that must be attended to — and even time is against you. Time speeds up when things are going well. And it slows down when your little darling is fretful — or downright upset.

Even quite small problems become magnified and mountain-like. You simply don’t have the time or energy to sort them out and they continue to grow hydra-like with many, many heads.

Once upon a time, as a cocky young doctor, I thought I could offer helpful advice. After all, I specialised in seeing children with “difficult behaviour” — and I did learn a lot from them.

And then I had children of my own.

They taught me a great deal more!

Later I held a medical hypnotherapy clinic where I met a great many stressed people (many of them mothers). And my patients continued to instruct me. Now my grandchildren have taken on the role of teacher.

Luckily for me, I did have ways of dealing with stress. And I needed them. But many of my friends, acquaintances and patients were struggling. And they often felt guilty as well.

None of us are “perfect” mums.

But there are techniques and tips I used myself and I remained stress-free most of the time. I passed these on to my patients and I can share the best with you.

I do not presume to have all the answers, who has? But I do have a wide variety of easy and tested ways for working mums. Even a working mum can allow herself to be human! They can enjoy the whole family life, as well as contributing to work effectively.

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